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Style & elegance at an affordable price

JustSeyeBeauty Shea Butter

Buttah Whipped Shea

JustSeyeBeauty is a black-owned online business, formed to create handmade products that will bring a sense of loveliness to your everyday. By keeping things simple, JSB provides you with style and elegance at an affordable price. Check out our shea butter today!


JustSeyeBeauty. Making Life…Beautiful!

 Simplicity is key

Hello, world! I’m Janaire Seye (pronounced “say”). I was born and raised on the southside of Chicago and studied Business Management and Social Work Policy, Planning, and Administration at the University of Missouri-Columbia. I grew up mixing up concoctions and creating art during play and for classes in high school and college. I watched my mom make most of our meals from scratch, piquing my interest in how things were made. I loved science and would spend time messing around with the chemistry set my dad bought for me. I dreamed of a career in science and I always wanted to own a business.

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