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Meet the founder, Janaire


Hello, world! I’m Janaire Seye (pronounced “say”). I was born and raised on the southside of Chicago and studied Business Management and Social Work Policy, Planning, and Administration at the University of Missouri-Columbia. I grew up mixing up concoctions and creating art during play and for classes in high school and college. I watched my mom make most of our meals from scratch, piquing my interest in how things were made. I loved science and would spend time messing around with the chemistry set my dad bought for me. I dreamed of a career in science and I always wanted to own a business.

Fast forward several years and through a decade of social work and non-profit jobs in small-town Missouri (Does social science count as “science”? No? Oh, okay…), I decided to start making my own beauty products. I suffered from sensitive, acne-prone skin since I was about 12 years old and couldn’t get it under control. As information about unnecessary and some harmful chemicals used in everyday care products started to surface, I started to wonder if these chemicals were causing many of my skin woes. I began stripping down my routine to the bare basics. Super simple. My face immediately responded. Yay! This got me thinking. What about the rest of my body? In my search, finding a body lotion that was thick enough to last all day without feeling like a film was very difficult. Either the lotion felt like water or it was filled with mineral oil or petrolatum. Too much for me! After playing around with shea butter, I found a concoction that both moisturized, but also didn’t leave my skin feeling greasy. Score!


Buttah Whipped Shea was born. Right in my kitchen. My friends loved it! I loved it! So, I decided to share it with you. I hope that it brings your skin as much joy and beauty as it has brought mine over the years.


Janire Seye

Owner |

Making life...Beautiful

Buttah Whipped Shea is dedicated to my sweet mom, who growing up would always use the term “get her buttah whipped” when talking about getting her hair done. Joann today suffers from Lewy Body’s Dementia and she is my heartbeat

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Buttah Whipped Shea

Client Reviews





ayesha k.

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Love this product! Makes me feel like I'm doing great things for my skin! Highly recommend!

~Ayehsa K.

anjie n.

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LOVE! The product is so light but effective! And it feels GREAT going on! JSB will only provide quality product. You won't be disappointed.

~Anjie N.

cailyn g.

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This stuff is amazing! Keeps your skin moisturized for so long so you don’t have to keep reapplying over and over. Not to mention the lavender scent smells so good. I swear by it!

~Cailyn G.

tamika v.

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Amazing person, amazing product! JSB made a special formulation for me that did not include coconut oil and my family loved it! The smell was great. I was impressed by the combination of ingredients!

~Tamika V.

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